November 2015

Paris Climate Change photo exhibition

Paris Climate Change photo exhibition photo
I’m very pleased to announce that two of my prints from the Rivers aerials series shot in Iceland will be exhibited at Paris Climate Change summit from November 30th to December 11th.

The Exhibition will be viewed by 147 Heads of State and many world leaders. The purpose of the exhibition is to to cast light on the crucial issues of climate change.

The exhibition is curated by:
Hossein Farmani, Chair, The Lucie Awards
Susan Baraz, Co-Chair, The Lucie Awards

All the works of  the exhibit can be seen at the Lucie Foundation website

September 2015

Photography exhibit in Athinais, September 16th-21st

Selected works will be exhibited in the Atninais gallery hall.
March 2015

Exhibition AHOP Gallery

I will be exhibiting prints from Iceland and Greenland at the Athens House of Photography.

Opening is on the 18/3/2015 at 8pm

For more information please visit the gallery website here

December 2014

Athens House of Photography

Athens House of Photography
Very pleased to announce that the Athens House of Photography, the premier gallery in Greece for photography will be representing my works. The ATHOP is representing among others, leading artist such as Sebastiao Salgado, Herbert List, Pentti Sammallahti and Constantine Manos.

March 2014

Wild Abstract Photos of Iceland From Above

Weather Channel article on my aerial photographs of Iceland, here.
February 2014

Sony World Photography Awards

My portfolio has been shortlisted in the top 10 in this year’s Sony’s World Photography awards. This year, the contest received nearly 140,000 photos from 166 countries.
September 2013

Aerials series awarded

Aerials series awarded photo
This week I had good news regarding my aerial photographs of Iceland, in the IPA (International Photography Awards) and Espon Panoramic Awards.
In the IPA I received 1st place award and in the EPA, Gold and Silver awards and placed both of my images in the top ten panoramic images of the year.
I also received a silver award in the Epson panoramic awards for my image of the Italian Dolomites which was also placed in the in the top 50.

International Photography Awards link
Epson Panoramic awards link
August 2013

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice photo
This past year I have not had the chance to update the news section of my site nor my blog which is now history. Unfortunately like I thought from the start blogging was not suited for me and decided to pull it off. 2013 thus far has been extremely busy and will continue to be so but I do have several great projects and workshops in the works which I hope to announce in the next couple of months.

This year was mostly dedicated to Iceland which I visited twice in a span of few months, the second being a very enjoyable workshop. However the first visit not only was a long, one and half month trip but also one I shared with my wife and 3-year old daughter. The first go around took place in autumn under fairly harsh conditions and it was quite special to share the Icelandic wild landscape with my little baby girl. I was able complete several photographic projects I had in mind most of which I hope to publish over the next year. In my website I have already published some of the aerial photographs and small selections of both my color and B&W photographs.
In between those two visits to Iceland I made a usual stop to Scotland where I photographed again in the Isle of Skye for about two weeks.

I will try my best to update you more frequently on my news as well as sending out the newsletter. Autumn is nearly here and I’m very excited once again about enjoying my favorite season of the year and wish you all the same.

August 2012

Adore Noir

Interview and portfolio presentation on the 9th August issue of the fine art online magazine Adore Noir.

To view please visit:

June 2012

Silverkris - Singapore Airlines

Silverkris - Singapore Airlines photo
This month my photographs appear on the Singapore Airlines magazine Silverkris and on their online photo gallery.

Link to magazine LINK
Online Gallery LINK
26th October 2011

Gallery Exhibition - St Moritz, Switzerland

I will exhibit new work from the Swiss Alps in the Galerie Kunsthalle starting December 16th. The exhibition will feature a collection of large format prints and will last until early spring. For more information on the Gallery and opening hours follow this LINK
3rd September 2011


Freesunday photo
This weekend FREESUNDAY hosts an interview along with few of my photographs.
For the online PDF version follow this LINK page 38.
20th August 2011

Triple Award 2011 International Photography Awards (Lucie Awards)

Good news come in Pairs. I received another award for my winter collections in Alberta, Canada.
After the abstract "Ice Series" that was the winner of Gold Medal at PX3 in Paris, I had a 1st Prize winning entry for the "Winter in the Rockies" in the 2011 International Photography Awards.
In the same competition I also received two 3rd Prizes in Nature Categories one for a series from my Recent trip to the US and the other for a series of Trees in Scotland.

For a full press release, please contact us.
21st June 2011

Prix de la Photographie, Paris - PX3

Prix de la Photographie, Paris - PX3 photo
I'm pleased to announce that I received the gold award in this year's PX3 competition. The PX3 awards are the most prestigious European awards that recognize photographic works for excellence in originality, creativity, excellence of execution and overall impact. The winning series is from my winter trip to the Canadian Rockies and can be seen HERE.
May 2011

Epson Panoramic awards & Spider Awards

Epson Panoramic awards & Spider Awards photo
I received good news from the Epson Pano Awards. I was awarded 1 Silver and 5 Bronze medals in the Landscape category and my only submission in Architecture brought home another Silver. Not bad at all for a first timer, looking already forward to next year.
Same goes for the Black and White Spider awards for which I received 4 nominations. 2 In the nature category and 2 more in Architecture.
March 2011

Photo-Vision Exhibition

Photo-Vision Exhibition photo
I will take part in this year's PhotoVision in Athens in collaboration with Photozone. The exhibition will be open to the public from the 11th to 13th of March. For more information on opening hours and directions please visit the official website at:
June 2010

Moving again

After five years in Paris we finally decided to leave France and relocate to Greece.
November 2009

Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2009/2010

Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2009/2010 photo
I'm very pleased to share with you the great news. I was named landscape photographer of the year in this year's take-a-view competition. I was quite surprised to hear the good news as more than 20000 entries marked the 3rd year of the most prestigious landscape competition in the UK.
After the announcement in the Sunday times an exhibition followed in London's National Theatre. Several other smaller exhibits will finish off the events surrounding the competition. Please check the official site for any additional info:

March 2010

Chasseur d'Image article

Chasseur d'Image article  photo
This month French Magazine Chasseur d’Image has a feature on my photography. It is a rather rare event that my work is published in France. However the chasseur Image dedicated 8 pages and a nice article that mentions the different approaches seen in France and in Anglo-Saxon countries in regards to landscape photography.
10th March 2010

New site launched

Hello everyone,
The new site is finally here. After few delays and long planning it is ready.
I will however continue to make many updates and deal with any issues that might arise until I get used to the new site tools.
You will notice that the new site is split in two half's. One dedicated to my landscape photography while the Faos gallery will host a series of black and white galleries as well as some original landscape works.
There are several other additions and changes that I will mention later on as I complete the site. So stay tuned and enjoy your visit.
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